D1B (Alternative Mix)

 · Cyclin D1 (CCND1) undergoes alternative splicing leading to the production of an mRNA predicted to encode a unique cyclin D1 isoform, cyclin D1b, which lacks Thr We have cloned and expressed cyclin D1b, and find that it retains the ability to bind to and activate by:

Cyclin D1b markedly amplified integrin αvβ3 expression, which was further up-regulated under LPS stimulation. Our results showed ectopic expression of cyclin D1b promoted invasiveness of epithelial-like MCF-7 cells under LPS stimulation. Additionally, LPS-induced metastasis and EMT in MCFD1b cells might depend on αvβ3 expression.

Betticher et al. [8] first reported the identification of an alternatively spliced cyclin D1 mRNA (now termed cyclin D1b) in human cells. Unlike the canonical cyclin D1 mRNA (now termed cyclin D1a), which consists of five exons, the cyclin D1b mRNA is made up of exon 1, 2, 3, 4 and part of intron by: 9.

 · The CCND1 gene generates two mRNAs (cyclin D1a and D1b) through an alternative splicing at the site of a common A/G polymorphism. Cyclin D1a and b proteins differ in their C-terminus, a region involved in protein degradation and sub-cellular localization. Recent data have suggested that cyclin D1b could be a nuclear by:

 · The cyclin D1 gene generates 2 alternative splice variants (cyclin D1a and cyclin D1b) with different coding sequences. More recent studies have shown that the expression of these alternative splice variants is related to tumor progression and cyclin D1b .

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