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Digitoll is your starting island. Your home and many of your basic amenities are here. It is also shown on the opening screen when you start up your game, showing the current islands and Denpa houses built on and around your island. The following buildings can be found in Digitoll: 15 Denpa Men houses can be built Entrance to Squelch's Cave The hero's home PC - A device which allows you to.

Digitoll is the main hub of The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave. The island contains 4 structures at the beginning of the game, but as it is played through, the structure total becomes 8. Antenna Tower Spirit Shrine Denpa Men House Digitoll Cave Shop The Docks PC Museum After you obtain the "special someone," when you talk to them, they may say "There are so many new facilities on the island.

The DigiToll is an automatic bell system which gives you high quality sound reproduction in a stand-alone unit. The DigiToll can automatically ring the Angelus up to three times a day, play clock chimes, with or without Westminster pre-chimes, play pre-Mass tolls at the times you have chosen for each day of the week, and play.

Official Site of the Nintendo 3DS eShop title, THE "DENPA" MEN 3 The Rise of Digitoll. Befriend the Denpa Men and adventure around the world, while being sure to slow down and enjoy yourself along the way. Enjoy your own personal adventure with a party all of your own.

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