Born With Debts! - Lycanthrophy - Lycanthrophy (Vinyl, Album)

 · Tracklist Tighten Your Belts2. Born with Debts!3. Don't Trust Them, Trust Yourself4. Deep Below Zero5. Machines of Success6. Emptiness7. Vomit and Celebri.

 · Co-released with Circus of the Macabre Records, Grind Block Records, Noise Attack, Zaraza Production, Amertune-Corruption, I Feel Good Records, Sumoggu Records. Limited to: copies on black vinyl - copies on violet vinyl. Recording information: Recorded, mixed and mastered on May 7th-9th and 21strd, June 13th, and August 27th, at Studio Shaark.

 · Not to be confused with any number of black metal bands with the same name, this Lycanthrophy is a Czech crust punk band offering up its self-titled debut of incredibly fast, short, and brutal grindcore bursts. The band incorporates dual vocals, one higher pitched and one gruffly growled, while the musical component is unimaginably tight, blasting drums and churning guitars acting in start.

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Lycanthrophy / Nesoučást Stroje - Repeat Of Mistakes / Nesoučást Stroje. (EP) 2 versions. Towerviolence Records, Out Of Control Records (3), Insane Society Records, Slow Motion Enslavement, Phobia Records, Rage Dis Records, Impregnate Noise Laboratories, Killing Art Records, Bizarre Leprous Production, Human Meat For Sale Records, Exit.

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