Looking For Water

When he mentions "I lost God in a New York minute", made me realize, he's looking for something to save his life (looking for water), and when he says I can't live in this cage, I can't eat this candy The edge of the earth to the spin in my head The look in your eyes and never means never The dawn's early light, baby, dark is forever", I believe that's him saying that he can't keep on living without a firm belief .

 · A primer on ground water. Most of us don't have to look for water. We grew up either in big cities where there was a public water supply, or in small towns or on farms where the water came from wells. But there are some people to whom finding a new supply of water is vitally important. Baldwin, Helene L.; McGuinness, C.L.

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 · Looking at what's left, the polar solvents that might be most readily available in large volumes to support a biochemistry are firstly water (H2O), then .

 · Finding Water With A Forked Stick May Not Be A Hoax. Dowsing Data Defy the Skeptics. Dec 7, (Published in the November issue) Experts explain how we .

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