Half Step Grind

Step 1: Set the Grind Size. Switch between grind settings by twisting the numbered ring. 1 is the finest setting, 8 is the coarsest and there is a half step in between each number for a total of 15 settings. The white arrow just above the adjustment ring points to the current grind setting.

The Grind Step, from Shadow the Hedgehog. In Shadow the Hedgehog, the Grind Step is used primarily by Shadow the Hedgehog. In this game, Shadow executes the Grind Step in a slower manner than in Sonic Heroes by doing a sideflip instead of a horizontal hop towards the grind rail he switches to. To use the Grind Step in gameplay, the player must simply move the control stick left or right while grinding.

 · The act of grinding can be deceivingly simple. But the devil’s in the details. Effective grinding requires operators to apply enough pressure at the correct angle to let the grains—the “cutting tool” of a grinding disc—remove the most metal in the shortest time, while not prematurely wearing the disc or burning out the grinding tool.

A half step (or “semitone”) is the distance from one key on the keyboard to the next adjacent key. A semitone (or “half step”) is the distance from one key on the keyboard to the next adjacent key. Key 1 to Key 2 is a half step since they are next to each other.

The other half are split relatively even between deeper and shallower hollows. Coffey was probably on the extreme end of the shallow grind, but used this to benefit his long smooth stride. It should be noted that, in the past, goaltenders normally used a shallow grind of 1" to /2".

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