Distant Voices

 · Top cast. Avery Brooks. as Cmdr. Benjamin Sisko. Rene Auberjonois. as Odo. Alexander Siddig. as Doctor Bashir. Terry Farrell. as Lt. Jadzia Dax. /10(K).

The Distant Voices are a group of disabled and non-disabled young people, who protest the avoidable deaths of disabled and elderly people.

"Distant Voices" keeps in tune with "The Search, Part II", as we get to see a projection of caring, protective Garak again. Additionally, beyond his facade of kind tailor, Garak is a home-longing exiled Cardassian – just as Bashir longs to recover his body and life in "Distant Voices" – and, since " The Wire ", Bashir knows just how much pain Garak endures from being stuck on DS9.

Distant Voices Lyrics: I never thought I'd get away / Cause all there is is fading fast today / Maybe you sleep well in your head / Bring on the night let the cold moon burn instead / 'Cause I'm.

Willem van der Brugge, Secretary-General interviewing Prof. Fergus McNeill on the Distant Voices, Coming Home project.

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